Cold War Unicorns

2019 Atomic Advent Calendar Gift Ideas Day 22

Watch Freedom and Commie lock horns and battle for the soul of humanity. Can Commie’s horn of classless social structure hold up against Freedom’s hooves of capitalist opportunity? Play and find out.

Remember when the bad guys wore red and the good guys wore red, white, and blue? Complete with a scythe and hammer tattooed on his thigh, Commie is ready for action against Freedom, with mother-loving stars and bars waving proudly. Teach your kids all about the cold war by re-enacting some of the greatest moments: Berlin blockade and airlift, Francis Gary Powers, Sputnik, Cuban Missile Crisis, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and more!

Now only available through collector’s sites and eBay, these toys are but a distant memory, like the cold war.