Fun for the Road: Uranium Strike!

2019 Atomic Advent Calendar Gift Ideas Day 21

Traveling in 1956 was tons of fun as long as you didn’t do anything to make your dad turn the car around! What better way to prevent disappointed dads than staying occupied with 15 different games for kids from six to sixty. Among the games included Town and Country Bingo, Rainbow Bingo, and Guided Missiles.

Who wouldn’t have fun creating boxes with your sister and making “strike” claims for uranium? You can have up to 4 games on a graphically-rich sheet of paper complete with a geiger counter, headphones, and a shovel.

Keep it in the glove box so that it’s handy for the kids. Take it on the train. Ask your neighbor on the bus to play a game or two.

Really just a game of Dots and Boxes, the ’50s had Uranium Fever.