Gilbert Problem Puzzles: Atomic Bomb

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The A.C. Gilbert Company was known for creating the Erector Set and American Flyer trains, but quickly jumped on the atomic bandwagon with such classics as the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Laboratory and an entry in their classic Gilbert Problem Puzzles called “Atomic Bomb.”

Created in 1945, this dexterity puzzle game is one of the earliest toys and games with an atomic theme. The boxed problem puzzle set includes printed litho cards with such games as Ring a Tail, Radio Tube Trick, Hungry Pup, Trap a Sap, Topsy Turvy Rivets, and Atomic Bomb.

A later version licensed under the Fred-Alan Novelty Company explains the game:

The puzzle game made its debut shortly after the use of the atomic bombs after World War II. It’s hard to imagine a toy such as this being produced today and is an interesting snapshot of history.