Simpson’s Playmates Radioactive Sets

2019 Atomic Advent Calendar Gift Ideas Day 18

Who doesn’t enjoy the radioactive antics of our modern anti-hero, Homer Simpson, and his pals at the nuclear power plant? Playmates created these play sets in 2000 including the glow-in-the-dark radioactive Homer, the interactive nuclear power plant environment, and the nuclear power plant lunch room with Frank Grimes.

Complete with all the controls for creating your own nuclear meltdown, Homer has his protective suit and necessary donuts. Frank Grimes has set out all the necessities for a Homer-ific lunch of pink icing donuts, sandwiches, and fruit. These interactive sets were so named because they said phrases from the TV show.

For only $19.99 (or $27.22 in 2019 dollars), you can have all the nuclear fun possible! Here’s the Krebsinator’s review of the Nuclear Power Plant Lunch Room:

And here’s a look at the Radioactive Homer and the Nuclear Power Plant by CoolStuff7895: