Buck Rogers U-235 Atomic Pistol

2019 Atomic Advent Calendar Gift Ideas Day 19.

Be the coolest kid on the block with your Buck Rogers U-235 Atomic Pistol! This absolutely harmless cap gun comes complete with a uranium concentrating magazine, atomic power release chamber, fission rate indicator, neutron blast initiator, and more!

After World War II, Daisy created the U-235 Atomic Pistol, reflecting the current fascination with atomic energy, and was available with a blue finish, unfinished steel or gold. When the trigger (neutron blast initiator) is pulled, the sparking chamber (caps) lights up and blasts your enemies with a loud pop!

Ready for Christmas in 1946, you could mail away your order for the Buck Rogers Atomic Pistol for only $2.00 (or $26.38 in 2019 dollars).

The Kansas City Public Library takes you on a tour of the difference between the Buck Rogers Atomic Pistol and the Atomic Disintegrator.