Atomic Snapshots: Mini Enrico & Leona

Originally part of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History Science in American Life exhibit which ran from 1994-2011, these mannequins of Enrico Fermi and Leona Woods Marshall Libby stood on a balcony overlooking a mock up of the Chicago Pile-1.

The mannequins used to greet visitors to the B Reactor at the tour headquarters in Hanford, Washington. Standing patiently at the back of the assembly room, they listened in on the history lecture and orientation meeting before visitors exited to board buses to the site.

The mannequins were acquired for the B Reactor by the Atomic Heritage Foundation for inclusion in future displays at the site. As such, Little Enrico and Little Leona were again transported to the B Reactor and wait patiently in the restroom, which is interesting since Leona was the only person to use the women’s restroom at the B Reactor. You can now visit them on your way to Enrico Fermi’s office.

Enrico Fermi and Leona Woods Marshall Libby, previously at the B Reactor Tour Headquarters, courtesy of KUOW.