Doctor Dreadful Radioactive Experiments

2019 Atomic Advent Calendar Gift Ideas Day 16

Doctor Dreadful is a series of edible food labs to make gross, disgusting, strange, weird, and wacky foods and drinks you can enjoy. Looks gross! Tastes great!

In 1996, Tyco developed a series of three Radioactive Experiments including the Nuclear Freeze, the Nuclear Explosion, and the Nuclear Blob — promising foaming drinks or bubbling blobs that taste delicious.

To conduct the experiments, you simply mix the Nuclear Explosion parts together (in pouches), and, ta-da — foaming, blobbing, goopy messes of tasty sugar.

For just $3.96 (or $6.49 in 2019 dollars), you can gross out your friends and family.

Everything’s gone radioactive! Get yours now!