G.I. Joe Radiation Detection Action Set

2019 Atomic Advent Calendar Gift Ideas Day 15

G.I. Joe moved from the battlefield to the adventure field, fighting such adversaries as ecological disasters and wild animals instead of other humans. Joe was now part of the Adventure Team, ready for action and adventures in the jungles, desserts, mountains, oceans, and radioactive landscapes.

Need a clean up in Hanford? Spill some radiation at Oak Ridge? Drop some uranium ore in Los Alamos? Never fear, as Joe’s ready to detect some radiation with his green jump suit, handy belt with secure container, goggles, and pincer arm to get that pesky (simulated) uranium rock out of the way. All the safety equipment needed! His flocked hair and beard is sure to keep that pesky ionizing radiation from doing damage!

G.I. Joe Adventure Team Radiation Detection equipment and clothing sets retailed for $1.99 each ($12.25 in 2019 dollars) at all the major toy outlets beginning in 1972, and you could often buy two sets for only $3.00 (a bargain at $18.46 in 2019 dollars).

If your parents are generous, be sure to ask them for the Mike Power, Atomic Man, action figure to put that (simulated) uranium rock juice to good use.