SL-1 Memorial Plaque

SL-1 Memorial Plaque at the EBR-1 Atomic Museum

New this year at the EBR-1 on U.S. 20/26 between Arco and Idaho Falls, ID, is a memorial plaque to honor the three men who died in January 1961 at the Stationary Low Power Reactor (SL-1).

Thanks to Joe Tokarz for sending us these pictures of the new memorial during his visit on May 15. In Joe’s words:

Thank you to the DOE & INL for their support in making the SL-1 Memorial a reality. Bring a chair. It is a perfect location for quiet contemplation of the sacrifices made by Byrnes, McKinley, and Legg and the lessons we learned. All gave some. Some gave all.

The EBR-1 Atomic Museum is open from Friday, May 27, through Labor Day, September 5, for the 2022 season. It’s open every day, and the museum is open from 9am-5pm for self-guided tours. The new memorial plaque is in the parking lot between the transport train and the aircraft engines.

For more information on the SL-1 accident, visit: SL-1 Accident Briefing Report 1961, SL-1 at Wikipedia, CE1 Richard Carlton Legg, SP5 John Arthur Byrnes III, and SP4 Richard Leroy McKinley.

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