Uranium Rush

2019 Atomic Advent Calendar Gift Ideas Day 11

Uranium Rush was an “exciting new electric game for the family” produced by Gardner Games in the 1950s. In fact, this was an Educator Approved Prestige Toy and selected as one of 104 Outstanding Toys of 1955. For only $2.95 ($24.01 in 2019 dollars), you could join the prospecting hoards.

All the players begin with $15,000, then spin the arrow to determine where on the board the player can prospect. Stake a claim for only $1000! You can test the claim to make sure it’s belching with uranium using the Geiger Counter. Touch the base of the Geiger Counter to the player’s master plug and touch the tip of the wire to the small metal circle around the mine. If it buzzes, you’ve just received $50,000 from the gub’ment! Follow the directions, and pass to the next person. When all the claims have been staked, the most money wins — just like how it really happens! Yeeehaw!

Buzz your way to fun and fortune while decked out in your best uranium prospecting duds!